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Hunter Cabin Launch

Build a replica of the first cabin cruiser.  Power it with  antique gasolene, electric, or modern diesel. The boat pictured sleeps two adults and two children and with it we cruised the Desolation Sound area of the Britich Columbia coast.  It is an all-weather cruiser; when the wind blew hard we unbuttoned the canopy and side curtains; when the waves got big we steered from inside, peeking out the skylight.  Unique about the fantail among all hull designs, a following sea lifts the stern rather than slaps it, or worse, fills it.  While we always felt safe, even taking green water over the bow, we could easily trailer it around the big stretches of water.  It is made from the standard 23-foot Elliott Bay fantail hull; we supply the cuddy cabin shell which bolts to the forward end of the coaming.

Powering is the tiny (185 lb) Yanmar 1 GM diesel; we cruised at 7 knots for about 1 quart per hour.  It would be ideal for electric propulsion; just use a golfcart motor, or we can supply you with a motor & controller kit for approximately $3500.  An antique gas engine, either 2 or 4 cycle would be quite fitting of the era.

The HCL was evolutionary in boat design: when internal combustion engines out-moded the boiler--and its heat--a cabin could be added.  To read about the boat type, read the chapter about them in Weston Farmer's From My Old Boat Shop.

Lines in the drawing below are unfortunately dithered due to resolution of the web; if you want photographic quality, order the STUDY DRAWINGS PACKET on the books ORDER FORM.

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