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Build the York Compound.

The York Compound is less complicated than the triple and has half the number of parts but it too is a faithful replica of a 19th Century compound.  The photo shows one made by John York for a customer who had the polished parts nickel and gold plated.  This engine has crosshead-driven air and feedwater pumps and an integrated thrust bearing.  Cylinder dimensions are HP 3, LP 5.25 and stroke 3.75.  Piston valve HP; slide LP.  Kit consists of seventy-two castings (including crankshaft) and twenty fully dimensioned  22" x 34" drawings.  Drawings $200 Castings $3,400.00  ($3200 if already purchased drawings)

Compared to the Elliott Bay Triple, this engine has single setting valvegears for optimal performance at 400 rpm (they cannot be re-set by the engineer), whereas the triple can be regulated for optimal performance through a range of speeds, pressures and temperatures.  The compound requires less machining time than the triple because it has fewer parts and it has a simpler valvegear; the triple has double bar marine links and the compound has simple "die block in slotted quadrant" type valvegear.  Both are Stephenson design.  Both engines can develop more power than required for most small launch applications, but like all marine engines, they are more pleasant to operate at low pressure and demand.  Like all Elliott Bay kits, the York Compound faithfully replicates steam era technology, and will reward its builder's labors with the benefits of a correctly designed engine.

Engine Kit

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