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Elliott Bay Triple | York Compound | Anderson Single | Engineer's Compound

Castings For Authentic Engines
Antique Engines (Work In Progress)
Build the Elliott Bay Triple

Our triple expansion marine
engine is a reduced-size
replica used 1890 torpedoboats
Beaumaris Compound
Build the Anderson Single

Roy Anderson was one of
the last surviving designers
of steam engines.
Navy B Compound, 1895

Build the York Compound

Less complicated than the
triple and has half the
number of parts
Simpson-Strickland  8hp Compound

Build the Model Engineer's

This engine is a model, but
that is not to say it could not
power a canoe.

Simpson-Strickland Quadruple

Expansion Marine Engine 1889


LIFU (Liquid Fuel Engineering Co.) Compound

    Navy M Compound, 1915

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