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Build the Model Engineer's Compound.

This engine is a model, but that is not to say it could not power a canoe.  This photo shows the engine with major parts erected; it stands 12 inches tall (13 inches from bedplate webs to cylinder top covers) and 12 inches end to end of shaft.  It has a surface condenser and airpump cast itegrally with its back columns, like the full size 500-1000 hp engine it precisely models.  Its dimensions are HP 1.75, LP 3.00; stroke 2.00; piston valve HP slide LP.  Kit includes twelve castings, six 24" x 38" fully dimensioned drawings, and a narrative of how to build the engine by its designer 100 years ago.  Price $1,650.00; drawings $300.

Option 1: Buy Model Compound Castings with $17.60 added for USA delivery  
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Option 6: Buy Model Compound Drawings with $37.45 added for delivery beyond USA/Canada  

"It is modeled after the compound engine type usually installed in coasting steamers of the 13 + 26 x 20 size.  At 100 psi, the model's maximum pressure, it is also large enough to actually do 'work," according to MODEL ENGINEER, March 8, 1923, that serialized illustrated articles thru April 12, 1923.  This model is superior to any other model marine engine produced since the steam age, and you have step-by-step guidance from a model engineer of the age.  Cores are used to cast the cylinder block, bedplate, and condenser so that prototype details and functional passageways are retained in the model--the castings are lik,e they would be for a full size engine, no simplifications--more detailed than thesimilar-sized "Coventry" or "Stuart No. 3" compounds.  Our foundry patterns were made by a patternmaker who worked for Southern Pacific Railroad when they had a foundry in Portland, Oregon.  Remarkably, he made India ink-on-vellumdrawings, and copies of these are supplied along with photocopies of original articles from Model Engineer. 

Model Engine Front Model Engine Back

We cannot speak more highly about this engine to the modelbuilder who wishes to build an exact authentic replica of a Victorian era small ship engine.  According to Bill Durham who has seen the engine in our shop, "It is for the builder to make a "rare antique" in his very own would be comparable to museumpiece engines that are so highly valued."  Indeed, it is more realistic than the "Firedrake" engine model that was auctioned in 1997.  Its patterns--and especially its coreboxes--are so well executed that the sandcastings seem like investment castings.  In fact, I had the model on my desk when I worked at Precision Castparts Corp. (the inverstment casting house) where aerospace engineers would argue that it had to be investment cast.  It shows the high art of sand casting at its best.  These castings have the potential to be no less than exquisite in the hands of an experienced modelbuilder.  We will add more photos of it showing progress.

As the "fitting" progresses, more machined parts now waiting in cigar boxes will find their way on the engine; the photo shows the progress of fitting the machined parts:  the columns and cylinder block are erected; next step is to dismantle, then fit the main bearings in the boxes and scrape the bearings for the shaft parallel to the guides.   Design, pattern drawings, pattern & core making, molding and pouring, machining drawings, machining, fitting...the process is a long one.

Send $20.00 for the STUDY DRAWINGS packet that includes one-sheet drawings of these engines and hulls, boilers, propellers, and accessories.  You can order via the ORDER FORM on this website, but unfortunately the drawings simply do not send well via the Internet; we will send them via US Mail.  If you buy a set of drawings for any engine, and if you later buy the castings,  your cost of the drawings will be deducted.

We hasten to add that we do not recommend you build your own engine if your immediate goal is to have a steam launch.  We can supply you with a ready-made single cylinder engine for the present and you and you can upgrade later with one of these.


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