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Elliott Bay Hulls available in Europe.... Groningen, The Netherlands.

12,500. Euros, excluding VAT.  Contact: ELOship, Meerweg 29, 9606 PM Kropswolde, The Netherlands; Tel.: +31(0)598-394805, Email:

This is the standard Elliott Bay 23-foot hull.  It includes deck, and the deck has a coaming that facilitates a simple, beautiful, and historically correct wood interior finish.  The hull also comes with engine beds and stern tube installed, and in addition it has a bulkhead in the bow to serve as a tank, and it has bronze laminated into the keel and sternpost for the fastening of sterngear.  This hull, illustrated, has FOREST GREEN underbody with VIXEN RED waterline, its deck is IVORY, and its topsides is ANTIQUE WHITE.  Its construction is polyesther with bi-axial non-woven glass cloth and balsa core, giving the hull maximum strength and low weight.  The sterntube is designed to be fitted with standard shaft and bearings that the new owner can source through ELOship.

Optional sterngear and deck hardware components are:  rudder, rudderport, skeg, propeller, spirketting plate, towing bitt, deck railing ends & stanchions, canopy stanchion sockets, and bow eye.

This is the same hull as used by the owners of VAPOROSA, PROMETHIUS, IRMTRAUD ANNA,  NEPTUN, and three other launches now being built by Mssrs. Plevier of Maarssen, Kohler of Augsburg, and Rodriguez of Kiel.

Deck Railings

These are exact copies of RAILING ENDS & STANCHIONS from launches made from1880 to 1920.  Two pieces are shown, the curlicue end and the first stanchion;  additional stanchions are spaced at intervals along a piece of silicon bronze round bar that is shaped to fit the profile, plan, and camber of the deck. We cast them in bronze (2% silicon, 98% copper; cast equivalent to Everdur) in two sizes, 4-inch and 3-inch (measured from deck to centerline of horizontal round bar).  The 4-inch size uses 5/8-inch bar; the 3-inch size uses 1/2-inch bar; both sizes work on the 23-foot hull, the smaller looks the more refined, the larger makes the boat appear stronger, more robust; the larger is appropriate for hulls up to 30-feet length.  These were used on both sides of the bow and around the stern of launches.


Yachts look naked and Tugboats can't pull without 'em.

Three sizes available from the Marine Castings Co. side of Elliott Bay Steam Launch Co.   Bronze alloy is cast equivalent to Everdur, tensile strength 66,000 lbs per square inch.  Cored to save weight yet retain more strength than their fasteners; wall thickness >1/2 inch on large, >5/16 on small.

Recommended fastener per Bitt:

4 1/2-inch = 1/4-20 or 5/16-18

6 1/2-inch = 3/8-16

8 1/2-inch = 1/2-13

Elliott Bay will also supply oval- fin- or round-head silicon bronze bolts 2" to 24" long and 1/4" to 3/4" diameter to fit your hull.

The BITT illustrated on the steam launch counter is fastened with 1/4-20 oval head silicon bronze machine screws, washers and nuts, backed by a bronze plate under the deck.

We recommend no polish (but we will supply polished) until you bore and chamfer for your bolts. All three sizes are tumble-polished at the foundry, as shown at Left, with a polished 6-1/2 inch Bitt for comparison.


Size As-cast, Tumbled Doubled
4 1/2-inch  $135  $190
6 1/2-inch  $190  $380
8 1/2-inch  $250  $544


"Doubled" means we siamese singles into doubles by welding

Recently Restored

Mumford Compound, 2.25 + 4.5 x 3.25, column construction, slide valve, Robey-type crossheads with screw take-up on wristpins; pumps not originally fitted, finely machined and fitted by A. G. Mumford of Colchester, England. It is smaller than the smallest listed in their Catalog No. 8, Edition 1912. Its maker was revealed to us when we bought a Mumford "Compound Surface Condensing Launch Machinery" No. 5 (5.25 + 10 x 6) and immediately realized this little engine is obviously designed and fashioned by the same hands that made the larger machinery. (For illustration we attached the image, left, of apprentice boys fitting machined parts is in the J. S. White factory, not Mumford, published on p. 54 of STEAM YACHTS by David Couling, London, 1980).  This engine seems quintessentially British marine steam practice inasmuch as each part appears hand fitted and shows little economy in its manufacture.  Was there a manufactured engine with more care given to the form and finish of its parts?  Were shotguns of 1880 - 1920 given more attention by their makers? For sale with purchase of an Elliott Bay 23-foot fantail hull.

Elliott Bay Steam Launch Model Kit and Boiler & Engine Kit

Building the kit simulates the building of the full size launch. Begin by installing sterngear, then machinery, then interiors, then canopy. The model can be build quickly, or it's components can be used as a foundation for a superb model by an experienced model builder. Either way it is a good facsimile of the full size Elliott Bay launch. Owners of Elliott Bay hulls can build theirs to resemble their real launch. Boiler is most basic but actually generates sufficient steam for the little diecast oscillating engine to push the boat at scale speed.
Model boat kit is no longer available.


King Hand Pump

Originally we procured these for steam launch customers from David King in UK., because they are superior to any available today or back in time. King offered us his patterns, so we now produce them as castings kits because they are a relatively simple, and very enjoyable home shop project. With the three castings we also supply fasteners, check balls and seats, and drawing. Builder procures miscellaneous brass and stainless bar stock for displacer, pivot pin and gland nuts.  Image shows finished pump.  Advantage of this design is its ease operation from any side.  Assuming a 4-inch stroke, it pumps .00102 ft3 or .00765 gallons per stroke. Bore can be enlargd and stroke can be lengthened, but we find this an ideal size for hand feedwater pump and boiler test pump in a 5-6 shaft horsepower steam launch.

Designed for 3/8" nominal copper tube piping.

Image below shows finished pump along with castings and fasteners, balls, and valve seats.

Price: $290.

To order Items on this page call us at:
(503) 775-5954

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