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Build a sternwheeler!  If building a small steam sternwheeler ever appealed to you, you need this book.  You need these full-size examples for proportion, scale, and detail.  Built on the beaches of  lakes they served, they embodied the full bloom of Steam Age marine design.   The historic photos are astounding for their compositions, not just of people building and operating elegant little ships, but of Steam & Iron forcing itself on spectacular wilderness.

Ships today should be so beautiful.  But, beware the author's--he will beguile you!  You will be taken back a century, and you will sell your house in the city to escape to some Northern lake to build your own wood-burning steamer for local commerce!  It was done before, so why not again?!  The boat you will need is here, complete with lines drawings.

The Canadian Pacific Railway spared little expense, as these photos of cabins, enginerooms, and machinery show.  The steamers linked the railheads to the mining camps, boomtowns, and farming settlements--and the only passenger service to many isolated communities.  The book is meticulously researched and superbly illustrated with period photographs, lines drawings, routemaps, timetables, newspaper articles and even menus.  Full bibliography and index.  Also a quality printing job--the Canadian Pacific buys it for their hotel shops!

If you have the first edition, you will want this new enlarged and revised edition with eighteen additional pages with photos.  Call BOAT HOUSE direct if you want one of the original hardback edition.

STERNWHEELERS & STEAM TUGS; An Illustrated History of the Canadian Pacific Railway's British Columbia Lake & River Service, by Robert D. Turner.   8.75" x 11.75", 302 pages with 300+ photos and line drawings, Paper, ISBN 1-55039-089-9

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