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MARPOL Plaques.
We make MARPOL (Illegal to Dump) plaques, the two shown below, in Bronze (in the cast equivalent to Everdur Bronze) for those boat and ship owners who care not for paper or plastic "plaques" on their vessels.  Each is regulation size (9" x 4" x .25" thick), with regulation language, and pre-drilled for No 4 screws.  They are brushed and polished, ready to fasten to your bulkhead.  Or, you may give your plaques special treatment such as paint--with letter faces wiped clean before the paint dries--to fit your color schemes or to assure the words really stand out. According to the US Coast Guard, "The master or person in charge of each manned US ship (other than a fixed or floating platform) that is 26 feet or more in length, documented or operating under the authority of the United States shall ensure that one or more placards are displayed in prominent locations in sufficient numbers so that they can be read by the crew and passengers.  These locations must be readily accessible to the intended reader."  The prolix is from the Code of Federal Regulations; as a challenge to our patternmakers, we successfully cast this language in tiny letters on the back of each MARPOL plaque!  The CFR also assures that this language will be good forever, and our casting will assure that it lasts forever, long after paper turns to dust. The Discharge of Oil plaque language is not so tortured: "A ship, except a ship less than 26 feet in length, must have [this] placard fixed in a conspicuous place in each machinery space, or at the bilge and ballast pump control station." Each plaque sells for $49.95 + shipping and handling.

Garbage Plaque


Oil Plaque


Forgetful mariners need our DRIVELINE SPECIFICATIONS casting.  If you bend your wheel or shaft on a rock, do not count on your propeller shop to know what to send you by sea plane!  Better, if you are a propeller shop, give this "bronze insurance policy" to your customers, with your name engraved in the space at the bottom with your telephone/call number.  The plaque captures the essentials: Shaft dia., shaft length, sternbearing (cutlass) o.d., propeller pitch x dia and rotation, gearbox model and reduction ratio, coupling bolt number and circle.  Brushed and smoothed, ready for engraving or stamping.  Holes drilled for No 4 screws.



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